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What positions are available at Sonic:


Sonic is a fun company that focuses on hiring a diverse group of people who will have a great time making their drive-in great. Working at Sonic is a great way to work in the fast food industry and you may find that you build experience and relationships that will last forever. There are several types of jobs available at Sonic from entry level  to professional, to franchise. Submitting your Sonic application is the first step you will take toward a bright and vibrant future in the fast food industry!

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The primary Sonic job opportunities are:

Sonic Restaurant Job Opportunities:

Sonic drive-ins must utilize a diverse team of employees and managers in order to operate at maximum effectiveness and ensure that every customer leaves full and happy. As a Sonic employee, you will be tasked with creating and maintaining a nostalgic and creative atmosphere. Some positions will require creating classic made to order food, while others will focus on customer service. Sonic demands a high level of customer service, cleanliness, and pride in the workday. Great food makes for great fun, which is the primary goal of customer satisfaction. You are the starting point!

  • Carhop: As a carhop you may choose to work on foot or on roller-skates. Both positions require that customer service, cleanliness and efficiency are the top priority. As a carhop you will be tasked with being the face of Sonic because you will be delivering food to their cars. You will be required to have basic math skills so you will need to know how to efficiently make change car side. Additionally, you will be required to maintain a friendly appearance and demeanor at all times. This job can be fun for those who love to work with people, who have a knack for problem solving and are quick to lend a hand.
  • Crew Member: As a crew member you will be tasked with creating the food that America loves. Crew members may be responsible for food stations, both hot and cold, with preparing food and packaging it properly, and for maintaining all food preparation areas. As a crew member it is vital that cleanliness, safety and health standards, and the core values of Sonic are maintained and well understood. These individuals are the backbone of each location and are what drives success.
  • Management: Management positions at Sonic include the assistant manager, co-manager, and general manager. Each of these positions is similar, but carry different daily tasks and responsibilities. Often, as a manager you will find that you encompass a bit of all three areas, but overall, each position may be individualized to the needs of the location.

Professional Job Opportunities: Professional positions at Sonic may include positions such as Information technology, human resources, construction, accounting and finance, business and marketing, and more. Under each of these umbrellas are various positions in the “World Headquarters” of Sonic. The World Headquarters is located in Oklahoma and is the backbone of the company.

Franchise Information:

Sonic drive-in restaurants are independently owned and operated as franchises. The website has a great list of resources for those interested in taking the leap to success through becoming a franchisee. As the largest chain of restaurants boasting the proud name of “drive-in”, Sonic is a great place to become a successful entrepreneur. The website has a helpful list of Franchise Facts that allow individuals to get started. The financial requirements plus experience and training you need in order to get started in franchising are detailed. There is also a link to their FAQ’s page, as well as contact information for individuals to find all they need to know.