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Sonic is by far one of the most iconic, targeted fast food restaurants, largely due to its iconic features as a classic drive-in. Sonic has something for everyone on their made to order menu. You may find the idea of roller-skating at work (and getting away with it) intriguing. If working with people from all sorts of lifestyles, listening to great music, and being a part of an iconic part of America  sounds good to you, then fill out your Sonic application today at! With over 50 years of growth and success, Sonic remains a top competitor in fast food, and as a company offering great employment opportunities.

To start working toward a great career with great benefits and a whole lot of fun, begin by filling out your Sonic application. To help you on your way, there are some helpful key tools and tricks that you can use to optimize your success. Remember that Sonic restaurants may be individually owned and operated as franchises, so each location and manager may have a different way of handling hiring. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your Sonic job application, and career, off to a great start!

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The Application:

Sonic has one of the best career systems in place through their website There are also links and other information available about the company and the food. This is one application process that may leave you hungry for some food and fun. Not only will you find your Sonic application online but also a plethora of other helpful information such as job descriptions, available positions, and much more! This website is interactive and very straight forward. Because restaurants are franchised, you will want to start by searching for the location that you most want to be employed in. Most franchise locations handle the hiring and terminating processes independent of the company at large, so this is an important step.

Sonic offers an online application. Each location’s managers and operators may conduct independent hiring. When you click the “search jobs and apply online tab” you will find a basic run down of the positions that are currently open, as well as the search selection boxes for you to choose a location or job type. It is required that you have a valid email address, and this information may be available to interviewers, so make sure it’s not an embarrassing part of your contact information. Some people even create new email address just for their job search to minimize the chances of return contact going to a lost spam folder.

Sonic is more than just a drive-in fast food joint. They have a wide array of positions to match their fun, widely varied menu. You will see people of all shapes and sizes working at Sonic. Sonic job application is your first step toward the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Age Requirements:

Labor laws are different by state and may be different depending upon your specific Sonic location. Federal law states that teenagers under the age of 14 may not be employed; however those between 14 and 17 may be employed with restrictions. Sonic traditionally requires individuals to be 16 years old to qualify for employment, however it is always best to check with your desired location to be sure. In order to not waste your time or the time of the hiring staff, check out the age requirements before submitting your Sonic application to be sure.

Application Review and Interview: 

The online applications are fashioned in a simple, easy to follow manner. You will have no trouble working through the website and application pages. The Sonic application and follow up process may follow one of these guidelines:

  • For drive-in locations your application will generally be reviewed by the manager of that individual location. Once your application has been reviewed, if you meet the desired requirements you will be called to schedule an interview. Most restaurant companies like Sonic conduct one or two interviews depending on the situation and need for employment. Once you complete the application and interview process successfully, an offer for employment may be made to you. Be ready to show your enthusiasm when you accept your new job!
  • For managerial and professional positions, your Sonic application may be reviewed by a human resource officer or recruiter. Some companies conduct phone interviews and physical interviews for professional positions, so be prepared to receive phone calls for the position in which you are applying. Conduct yourself professionally in every circumstance. Should you find yourself unavailable by phone for an interview, be polite and communicate ahead of time. Don’t put off interviewers, as this indicates unpreparedness and often rudeness, and may give the appearance that you are not interested in the job.
  • To work at Sonic, you may be asked to consent to a background check and drug test. Make sure that you are prepared to consent to this during the application or interview periods and that you can schedule the drug test in a timely manner.

Apply For Your Local Area Online

Available Job Opportunities:

Sonic is a fun, diverse company with many locations and job opportunities throughout the United States. These positions may include hourly, salary, part and full time positions. You may find that advancement is always a possibility at Sonic, so be ready for a great start! Job opportunities may include the following:

  • Carhop
  • Crew Member
  • Management
  • Professional Positions

For entry level and drive-in job opportunities, the minimum standards may include high school education or equivalent knowledge and skills, basic math skills, basic knowledge of the restaurant industry, as well as the ability to lift, stand, and execute repetitive motions over the course of the workday. All positions at Sonic will require a professional and clean appearance, and maintenance of uniform standards. Of course, a high level of cleanliness and ability to abide by health codes and safety standards must also be attained. If you know that Sonic is the place for you, submit a Sonic application online now!

Professional Job Opportunities:

Sonic has professional careers available in administration, human resources and more. These careers are primarily available at drive-in locations and the home office in Oklahoma. These positions may require additional training, education and experience for success. Through the Sonic career links, you can apply for these job opportunities online as well.

Don’t forget, if you are interested in owning your own Sonic drive-in to check out the links and additional information located under the franchise tab at


Sonic has restaurants across the United States which total over 3,500 drive-ins. Sonic began in Oklahoma in 1953 under the name Top Hat Drive-In, which became Sonic in 1959. Since then, sales have climbed to over $1 million per location, with rapid expansion and growth among the company.

Store Hours:

Depending on your geographic location, your Sonic restaurant hours will vary. Most Sonic locations are open from 6:00 a.m. to midnight seven days per week. Select locations may have varying hours however, so it is always best to check beforehand.